Python in Science, AI and Event Management Projects at FOSSASIA

Mario Behling (~mariobehling)


Python is a general-purpose programming language that is very suitable for community driven development. In this talk I will introduce Python projects in the FOSSASIA community. From scientific apps like Pocket Science Lab to components in the voice assistant framework SUSI.AI or the Flask backend in the Open Event management system Python plays a pivotal role in FOSSASIA. The combination of its approach of constructs and object-orientation and FOSSASIA’s best practices and merge policies support developers to write clear and logical code and build better applications.


Suitable for developers with technical understanding of development processes, development experts and project managers.

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Mario Behling is the CEO of OpnTec and cofounder of FOSSASIA. He is a technologist with 15 years of experience in leading international development teams in Europe, Asia and India. He works with the community on SUSI.AI and Open Hardware solutions like Pocket Science Lab. Mario also steers the development of the Open Event Management project. He is fascinated about drums and global music and has an interest in architecture. In Vietnam he designed and built a seven storey eco-hotel and in Afghanistan he setup mesh networks in Afghan schools. He also organizes Jugaad Fest India.

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