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We have a word for it now - Domotics. The fun started a year back when I laid hands on this beautiful device from Amazon, which could not only manage your music, reminders, lists but also make calls and send messages. Basically, a smart phone in the cloud to be used without hands. But a developer sees endless possibilities with this powerful tool. Although speech recognition technology itself is nothing new, Amazon's Alexa Echo has made its way to the homes of regular consumers.

This talk is specially focused on giving a head start to the attendees about building and using powerful applications in python for use with an Alexa device. Being a python developer for the past 4 years and working on alexa skills for the past 5 months, I intend to share my experience with the python community and enthusiasts.

Broadly, this talk will be covering the following topics:

  • How the echo framework and Alexa skills work
  • An introduction to creating alexa skills in python with flask-ask
  • Handling requests, responses, contexts and sessions.
  • Testing applications with ngrok and deploying to the cloud.
  • A sneek peek into other home automation possibilities like micropython embedding with popular microprocessors.

The talk would be illustration and example driven and will include demos of cool app(s)/skills I have been working on.


This talk is intended for developers who have a decent grasp on the basics of the python framework and trends, although you do not need knowledge of any specific packages or libraries. Just an enthusiastic mind is enough! The primary takeaway of this talk would be learning how to get started ideating and building applications for an Alexa enabled smart home device and discuss some cool developer tips.

Content URLs:

Slides Can be found in :Python for Alexa Enabled Smart Home Programming

Code snippets included in Github Repo: Ganesh-PyCon

Alexa Skill: e-Vitamin

Speaker Info:

Ganesh Kumar T K is a data science enthusiast and Open source contributor with three years of technical experience in product development, research, and innovation. He is currently enrolled in B.Tech Smart Manufacturing in IIITDM Kancheepuram. He has developed over eleven applications using python, and over two research publications in Mechanical journal. He is also recipient of Facebook PyTorch Scholarship 2018. His interests include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Networks & Security, IoT and Reinforcement Learning.

Speaker Links:

Ganesh Kumar's Portfolio: Ganesh's website

LinkedIn Profile: Ganesh Kumar

Github: @coderganesh

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