Python Entry Points: What, When and How?

ishan srivastava (~ishan38)


In this talk I’m going to explain about entry points in Python. Most people know entry points as the little snippet that you put in your file to make your package available as a script on the command line, but they can be used for so much more. I’m going to show you how to use entry points as a modular plug-in architecture. This is super useful if you want to let other people write Python packages that interact or add abilities to your existing Python package at runtime.


General interaction with the python programming language at a beginner level

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Link to Pycon india 2018 talk content:

and my 2018 slides so you can believe the overall structure and format would be the same

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I am Ishan Srivastava and I absolutely love python! I use it everyday, whether it be assignments or automation hacks.

I was a speaker at PyCon India 2018 and hopefully would be this year too.

I am a Google Summer of Code 2018 student and a Google Code In 2018 mentor.

I am a final year undergraduate at IIT Dharwad, CSE and currently a research intern improving upon the RADAR technology at IIT Bombay.

I am also a GitHub Campus Expert.

I am just an ordinary guy, who fell in love with programming and decided to do it for my entire life.

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sorry I am not a web developer and have a partially built website since ages 😛😜

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