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Python today has multiple implementations including Jython,IronPython. To be noted, Cpython which is written in C and developed by Python Software Foundation is the default and most popular implementation of Python. While these implementations work in the native language they are written in, they are also capable of interacting with other languages through use of modules.

Python is famous for coming with batteries included. Sophisticated capabilities are available in the standard library. You can find modules for working with sockets, parsing different documents like CSV, JSON, and XML. However great the packages included with Python are, there are many fantastic projects available outside the standard library. These are most often hosted at the Python Packaging Index (PyPI), historically known as the Cheese Shop. At PyPI, you can find everything from Hello World to advanced deep learning libraries. Most of these modules work on community development model and are open-source and free.

Through this talk/demo, I'll like to discuss following points:

  1. Prepare your Python package for publication
  2. Versioning of Package
  3. Upload your package to PyPI


  • Basic understanding and familiarity with python package and modules.

Content URLs:

Content and deck is currently under preparation. The outline will be as followed

  • Preparing Your Package for Publication: Naming, Configuring and Documenting package
  • Versioning of package
  • Adding Files to Your Package
  • Publishing to PyPI : Building , testing and uploading the package
  • Other useful tools for packaging

Speaker Info:

Iā€™m Abhishek currently working with Virtusa corporation in R&D team. I am a Pythonista and currently working in computer vision (professionally). I love to code in python and always give preference to Python when it comes to solve any problem let it be a web services, desktop application or automation task. I am intermediate user in cloud computing and exploring same with python. I've been to many community events and conferences, boot-camp for taking talks and session (Of course related to python). i try to contribute to open source projects according to my time availability, recently i had contributed to Azure batch process python client. Currently helping PyCon india team for boosting the conference šŸš€ For more information you can have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi Abhishek,

I have often seen people not having a pretty good understanding of what is a standard library and what facilities are available from standard library. If in your talk, you could cover -

  1. Standard Library vs Third Party packages
  2. Something about setuptools
  3. Something about warehouse
  4. Something about why and how to host your own Repositories

It will be valuable to the community.

Abhijit Gadgil (~gabhijit)

Sure, that's a great suggestion :) I'll add those points.

Abhishek Mishra (~abhishekmishragithub)

Hello Abhijit, can you elaborate more about 4th point ?

Abhishek Mishra (~abhishekmishragithub)

Hi Abhishek,

We have put together a set of best practices for speakers - please take a look at those.


Abhishek Yadav (~zerothabhishek)
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