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Nivesh Krishna (~Niveshkrishna)


It is no more a secret that "He who must not be named" tech giant collects your data every minute, every second and every bit of information he can get his hands on. We know, there are many such players in the market who are so data hungry. I know we all need those beautiful data driven applications, suggestions, AI etc, but at the cost of your personal data? What if there are more alternatives to this? This is the same question we pondered upon before starting out /e/ OS. It is a fork on LineageOS with completely de-googled and other data hungry services. It is an open source, non-profit project in the public interest to build a pure privacy respecting OS for users. We've had enough alternatives of Android and are just beautiful but are they purely privacy focused?

In this talk I'll be presenting about how /e/ was built, what thoughts led us to build in first place, why does your privacy matter at all, why do these companies want your data at any cost, and other core developments and issues we face at /e/. Just imagine the keypad you are using on your Android phone has the leverage to collect all your data, bank details, password etc.

Talk Details

Title: Why security is not equal to privacy

Topics : What is security, encryption, pgp, etc. What is privacy, how data gets stored and accessed. How is privacy different from security. High security vs. Weak privacy, how does your privacy matter. How data flows from your keyboard to servers. Introducing about ideas that led to build /e/ open source OS, what exactly are GDPR laws, Is android really open source, different ways to safeguard your digital presence.

Speaker Info:

I'm a Mechanical Engineer who has worked with a few Industrial companies where I found that how crucial a company's data is, how securely should they safeguard it. It was no less than a war when data gets leaked among the companies. So I started working closely with /e/ team and became a core contributor for the project as a software developer.

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