Porting Open source CPython Encryption Lib to Python 3 - Lessons Learnt



Mcrypt library is open source library https://github.com/aer0s/python-mcrypt. It is used to ensure interoperability between encryption/decryption in PHP/CodeIgniter framework and backend code written in Python 2.7. Lots of People who have a mix of PHP & Python in their system would be using this library. Mcrypt is primarily used in Php.

The current status of the lib is in an abandoned state, and no plan from the original author to port it to Python 3. Considering the dependency of this lib in our platform and effort calculation, we decided on porting this to python 3 and contribute to open source. This effort led us to learn of CPython and the joy of giving back to the open-source community.

This talk will provide the basic guidelines for the CPython extension conversion. This talk will provide a detailed example for the library conversion which will help you mysteries behind Bytes, Unicode, Strings, base64, etc.


Basic knowledge of Python and C Language.

This discussion will help in understanding for all python professionals who currently in-migration from Pyhton2 to Python3 with the understanding of CPython.

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It is good to have an overview of python basics. And below will also help to understand the problem scenarios which can be encountered by any python engineer at any designation.


https://github.com/aer0s/python-mcrypt (example library for porting.)

Slides(WIP) This is in the very initial stage and will be updated soon with descriptions and examples.

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Ashu Dagar, a technology enthusiast comes with a strong 6+ years of Python development experience.

Ashu currently working with Screen-Magic Media Pvt. Ltd has experience working with Fortune 500 companies like Symantec and southeast Asia based startup Finaccel where he has been awarded the various accolades for his contribution to Python.

Ashu has a strong leadership and architect capability along with the great aptitude to solve the problem by understanding the root cause.

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