PEP 0554 - Finally Parallelism in Python !! Or not ?

Derrick Joseph (~derrick)


Python's infamous GIL has been a prickly point in the language's adoption.

PEP 0554 has been proposed as a workaround for GIL, this talk will explain what all changes have to be made in the Cpython C API, Points that are going to be covered are:

  • GIL..? (2 mins)
  • Sub-Interpreters are not threads(5 mins).
  • Advantages and Limitations of Sub-Interpreters.(5 min)
  • The proposed API(1 min)
  • What all changes are required in the C-API to incorporate the change.
  • The new Pickle protocol 5(2 mins)
  • State sharing using Shared Memory pages of IPC in Python 3.8(2 mins)
  • CSP Pattern(1 min).
  • The future of asyncio.(2 mins)


Basic understanding of Python multiprocessing and asyncio modules.

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Derrick Joseph has been a Pythonista since 2014 and has experience in building Scalable products written end-to-end in Python.

He spoke on the applicability of CSP pattern in Python at Pycon India 2017 and also wrote a sample framework that proposed the possible API structure which has turned out to the similar to the proposed api structure in PEP 0554.

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