"n mistakes of my life" as an engineer.

Anuvrat Parashar (~bhanuvrat)


Before you say, let me state the obvious: yes, the title is a cheap parody of one quite famous but not that interesting book by an engineer who turned into an investment banker.

My mistakes are what have made me. Both, the ones I learned from and those that I didn't. In this talk we shall dive into the technical, social and professional aspect of a developer's life, picking a few mistakes from each.

The goal of this narcissistic drive through a nostalgic memory lane, besides stroking my enormous ego, is to subtly point the potholes and hope that some may be able to avoid them.

A few crimes I am guilty of:

  • overworking, without overtime pay.
  • overestimating my ability to avoid the silly bugs.
  • diving straight into development.
  • trying to prove the manager wrong.

etc and many more.


The target audience for this talk would be people who are in the early days of their career as a software engineer or are soon going to start.

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Anuvrat started getting paid for writing code around mid 2012 worked as a fulltime employee for two funded startups before starting his consultation firm in 2016. As any human, he has made his fair share of mistakes and now hopes to hop from one conference to another preaching the gospel, hoping that those who venture into the profession after him would be smart enough to avoid the potholes he marks along the way.

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