Masonite: an Intro to Python Web Framework

Vaibhav Mule (~vaibhavmule)


Masonite is an increasingly popular Python web framework that has garnered a lot of attention in the Python community recently. Masonite is built with the best design patterns in mind. Most developers who use Masonite actually find themselves becoming better developers. Masonite is built using design patterns like the IoC container, strategy patterns, factories, repository patterns, etc and built them explicitly into the framework. This means that, if not ignored, you can build VERY maintainable software by simply using the design patterns built right into the framework without much thought. Masonite is one of those tools that you feel the mix of power and simplicity when you start to use it.

Masonite does have a certain recommended way of coding your projects but its ways are proven and allow you to build amazing applications that can be maintained later

The talks will cover various aspect of Masonite like MVC implementations, learning curve, built-ins features, ORM, Documentation, Community, Bug Fixes, Updates and extensibility of Framework.


  • Basic understanding of web development

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Outline of the talk:

  • What is Masonite?
  • Why Masonite is created?
  • Let's write Hello World App in Masonite. (Up and Running Hello World App in Masonite)
  • Overview of built-ins, Upload Drivers, Mail Drivers, Jobs, and queues drivers. drivers, Task Scheduling.
  • Authentication in Masonite
  • Community: What to do if you get stuck using Masonite and How to contribute to Masonite?

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Masonite Core:

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Vaibhav is a core member and active open source contributor for Masonite Web Framework and has 5+ experience in Python and Web development.

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