Maps, Delimitation, and Gerrymandering with Python

Anand S (~anand40)


Census data is available by district. MPs and MLAs are elected by constituencies.

If an MP or an MLA asks a simple question: "How many Muslims voters are in my constituency," the answer is surprisingly difficult to find out -- because constituencies and districts don't align.

Making a simple assumption (that people are uniformly distributed unless otherwise specified), we can use tools like geopandas to merge data across 2 maps

% of Muslim voters by constituency

Map of % Muslim voters by constituency

This talk explains:

  • How to read and process map data
  • How to use the reshaper library to merge data across maps
  • Where to find maps in India. (Short answer: Ask at datameet)


  • Working knowledge of Python
  • Curiosity about maps
  • Optimism about the future of India (to counter some of the hard facts you'll hear)

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Anand is a co-founder of Gramener. He leads a team who tell beautiful visual data stories.

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