Managing self-hosted cloud with Ansible + Docker [Going selfhosted: Breaking the prison of surveillance capitalism]

Yash Mehrotra (~yash2)


With the rising amount of companies that want to collect and sell your data in exchange for their services, there has been no major improvement in protecting such data. Even in 2019 we are getting data breach reports of various companies and those companies care more about their public image rather than protecting users and their data. This norm pushed me to stop using the services which have open source alternatives.

In this talk, I'll talk about how I used ansible and docker to create a self-hosted software suite, what my reasons were and why should try it too.

This includes software like file storage, calendar, contacts, collaborative editing, site analytics, task management, git, password manager, media server etc.


  • What is surveillance capitalism
    • How it effects you
    • Why you should be concerned
    • Instances of companies getting caught doing this
  • The need for self-hosting
  • Intro and demo of my current setup
  • How the setup works
    • Services being run
    • Networking
    • Monitoring & alerting
  • Future of self-hosted apps


A basic knowledge of what containers are and what purpose they serve

Ansible will be used but you are not required to understand its internals or how to write playbooks. Same for docker.

Speaker Info:

This talk will be given by Yash Mehrotra. He is currently working at Grofers where he is a part of the Developer Experience Team. He has previously interned at HackerEarth and was a Mozilla Winter of Security Participant.

Also trying to build a software that will change the way you store your files on the cloud (If I succeed, you'll be using it, If not, well, I'll have learnt a few lessons on the way)

In his free time, you can find him playing, watching or discussing football (& defeating people in FIFA).

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