Malaria Detection Using Deep Learning



Malaria is a life-threatening diseases which is preventable and curable. India ranks amongst top 5 countries in terms of cases reported. Only last year, around 9 million cases were reported. Being a water-borne disease, it’s outbreaks are often bought about by the rainy season.

Currently, malaria is identified by taking a blood smear of the patient, staining it to expose the parasite and then careful observation under the microscope which requires a skilled professional.

Today, India has 1 doctor per 10,000. The WHO recommends 1 per 1000. Given such dearth of skilled professional we lose many lives because of delayed diagnosis.

How can Python Help in Detection of Malaria?

In this talk, I’d like to discuss an alternative solution to diagnosing malaria. We use artificial intelligence, precisely Deep Learning, to classify a blood smear of patient as infected or not.

This talk will be in no way exhaustive when it comes to application of AI to health care. However, what this talk will do is to scratch the surface of the revolution being bought in health care by AI. A revolution that rages as we speak. The idea is to give the attendees a kick start about the field so they can explore further on their own.

I start with the basic idea of the problem, introduction to basic building blocks of a neural network, and some advice on how to interpret results of medical use cases. I will also walk through the implementation of the same. The code has been implemented in PyTorch and Fast AI, some of the most popular python libraries to code neural networks. An iPython notebook will also be provided.


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I am a deep learning enthusiast . i believe that machine learning has the capacity to revolutionize the health care industry and help in saving lives of millions of lives, I am a second year student at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi university and currently working as a deep learning intern at Ezmata technologies, I have written articles on deep learning and emerging technologies and worked as content writer with two websites.

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