Logging the right way in django.

Nirux (~NiranjanSingh)


python Logging, Inspite of being a powerful tool, lots of projects are not able to take full advantage of this. I would like to share the pain points in logging, why its very important and how to make it super easy for other developers to use it so that there is no excuse for not logging.

I will be discussing about logging and how to configure it and properly do it in Django. I will also be discussing about django-easy-logger, a library which I wrote to solve some crucial problems which we were facing and how it helped developers to log easily in any django project and maintain consistency in logs throught microservices. Along with presentation I will also show examples and will be doing little bit of coding.


My talk will be divided as follows:

  • 5 mins- Importance and Introduction to logging and Implementation in django and different configurations.
  • 5 min - What are the things a developer should keep in mind for meaningful logging.
  • 15 mins - How to leverage its power and write your own configurations, integrating easy-django-logger or just copying one of its features.

for example: what you will do if you have 50 helper functions and you need logs to know the output of each functions ? instead of logger.info() each time, why not just use a decorator.


Django basic knowledge.

Speaker Info:

Niranjan Singh has done Masters in Computer Application from NIT Calicut and is working as a python developer for 4 years now. He has keen interest in programming languages especially in python and likes to play around with python libraries.

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