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Amey Nerkar (~ameyinvent)


I am currently working to make AI accessible to everyone. For the same I am working to make blind people listen to the objects & navigate easily. I am modifying the technology to make it more reliable & fast at low end devices as existing technology is not effectively used by the community. This will surely help blinds to navigate easily in the Indian environment. This will be affordable to every person considering the market conditions. This is based on existing technologies with some modifications in it. The main issue which i got after interacting with the targeted audience is that it is having lot of unnecessary things which they don't care about. So here I am using Python & sorting the data in the best way possible so that clean data will be provided to the consumers & they will be using such technologies easily. This technology will surely make simplicity as the ornament of science


Basics of Python

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I am having a past experience of public speaking where I have addressed more than 50 conferences (which include IEEE conference on AI & DATA Science, DeveFest, Tomorrows India Global Summit, Global Youth Leadership Conference, etc.) & have interacted with more than million people. This can be my next opportunity to interact with some amazing audience. I am having a background of innovation since childhood & I am having an Indian Patent pending as well. I have already represented our country at various global platforms. I am managing communities & inspiring innovation & tech in my communities now a days.

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