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There is a situation many times when you start a new project and you have to initialize the whole project. Most of the times the structure of a project is the same. eg. every time when we initialize or configure the Django project we need to run several commands and sometimes a customize user and User REST API is required, So it will take some time to set up all there.

So here I am come up with a solution cookiecutter: A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates)


According to docs, have some key features

  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux are officially supported.
  • Works with Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and PyPy. (But you don’t have to know/write Python code to use Cookiecutter.)
  • Project templates can be in any programming language or markup format: Python, JavaScript, Ruby, CoffeeScript, RST, Markdown, CSS,
  • HTML, you name it. You can use multiple languages in the same project template.
  • Simple command line usage
  • Templating is done with Jinja2
  • Easy to define your templates variables using JSON and many more


  • Introduction to cookiecutter (5 min)
  • Its key features with description (10 min)
  • Implementation or Hands on of Django project with cookiecutter (10 min)
  • QA (5 min)


  • Understanding of core python
  • Sound knowledge of Github
  • Sound knowledge of Python packages
  • Basics of Django (for example)

Speaker Info:

Amber Gautam is a Python/Django developer at Nickelfox and a learner. He is passionate about development and solving real-world problems. He is always curious to learn new technologies (Now a days Blockchain is the most) and finding ways to make life easier with automation. Also, believe in sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Speaker Links:

Github: My personal projects and contributions.

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Twitter: Also curious to know someone's views

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