Knowledge Data visualization from Seaborn and Bokehjs and how 3D scatterplot are build.

ishaan malik (~ishaan65)


Visualizing data is not as easy as it seems , often called out as one of the main points when working with the language to analyze and generate an output for growth of the product .

And this visualization generated by the use of model training and some typical lines of code , helps the team in improving there working path and improving the output finally .

By the end of this talk, attendees will have a better understanding of what the "visualization of data " is and what the libraries and functions can take them to that level. They will also have an overview that how they can create there own visualization tools or libraries like 3D modelling , Evolution plots or Flow charts , without needing step by step instructions.


  • Anyone with little knowledge of Python
  • Anyone with interest in Data Science or want to build there own visualizayion techniques/approach .
  • Anyone who loves programming
  • Anyone who loves problem solving

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The tentative flow of the talk :

Introduction [5 mins]

"where it all got started" [10-12 mins]

What is "data visualization"? [7 mins]

tooling and usecases covered [2 mins]

Recent developments in this area [10 mins]

“where we’re headed” [10-12 mins]

New standards that can be implemented[5 mins]

Closing note [4-5 mins]

General thoughts and experience


Speaker Info:

Ishaan is a research student , currently wotking with Upcloud as a developer , he contributes in Open Source and is working in Neural networks and LSTM right now in research field . He has worked with IBM previously as an intern.

He was previously invited to prsent talk at Debutsav 2019 , Open summit 2019 SIngapore and few more occassions .

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