Kill the mutants, protect your code!

Alex Khaerov (~hayorov)


Mutation testing is an old idea that hasn't spread enough but it’s fascinating. The idea is that your test suite should catch any bugs in your code, so what if we artificially insert bugs into the code, and see if the test suite catches them? In my speech, I'll describe the concept of such type of testing, basic issue's overview (what and when to mutate) and how to solve them with modern tooling of the Python ecosystem. Special attention will be paid to the time-consuming problem and how to overcome it.


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Speaker Info:

Alex Khaerov is a development lead at Chainstack, with 9+ years in web services development across diverse domains. His main passion is building robust, high-load and distributed service platforms on top of a multi-cloud environment, utilizing all the power of Python and cloud native services. An organized of Moscow Python Conf and avid activist of Singapore Python User Group, cloud native enthusiast and member of Kubernetes SG community. In his spare time, he speaks publicly at tech conferences and secretly codes in Python. Huge fan of laptop stickers.

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Section: Developer tools and automation
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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