Journey Through High Performant Python and Django Application

Gowtham Muthukumar (~gowtham)


Django is a most widely used web framework for building and deploying Python applications at scale. Application developement is pretty straight forward but scaling the application has its own challenges. I would like to explain the journey that I went through during scalling a Python Django Web application. Some of the concents that I would cover are as followes,

  • Request Resposne Cycle of a web application
  • Load Balancer
  • Web Accelerator
  • App Server
  • Cache
  • Database optimizations
  • Servgin Static Files
  • Background Workers
  • CI & CD
  • Containers
  • Microservices
  • Monitoring


  • Knowledge of Python and Django applications
  • Knowledge of web servers and app servers
  • Knowledge of Database
  • Knowledge of Caching

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Full Stack Python and Django Consultant. Based in Bangalore. Actively participates in meetups and conferences and willing to explore and share new ideas and best practices with the community.

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