Job Scheduling Using Core Python Socket

Muruga Perumal (~muruga)


The Job scheduling is used to schedule a job. Normally we will schedule a job in UC4 or Control-M. But we need to pay amount for control-M and UC4. But the scheduling project will do the same for the users. The job scheduling includes two module

1) Scheduler

2) Event Handler

Talk outline:

1) What is job scheduling

2) Work Flow of Job Scheduling

3) What is scheduler

4) Work Flow of Scheduler

5) What is Event Handler

6) Work Flow of Event Handler

7) What is communication between the Scheduling and Event Handling

8) Advantages of Job scheduler


  1. Basic knowledge of Core Python
  2. Knowledge of sockets in Python
  3. Knowledge of sub process & Threads in Python

Speaker Info:


Altimetrik Pvt Ltd


Contact No: 9600104116 / 8667046339

I am working as a part of the development team of Altimetrik. Earlier I was working in Bk Systems Pvt Ltd with Banking domain. I have over all 10 years experience in IT. I have strong knowledge on Unix domain. I have strong knowledge in scripting knowledge like Python, PERL, Shell & programming language C. I have been programming since 2008 and started using python since 2015 and moved to deep learning in 2017.

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