Improving Customer retention using deep learning in banking industry



Deep learning is revolutionizing the AI / ML area. In this solution, we have applied deep learning in the traditional area of churn prediction. With deep learning, we are able to improve churn accuracy of the bank by 5% and potentially reduce the financial loss by 10%. This solution also helped the bank to identify the factors affecting the churn with great precision.


  1. Basic knowledge of Mathematics and calculus.
  2. Basic knowledge of customer lifecycle

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Prasanna is the Data Science and AI Practice Lead in MNC. ​He is a seasoned Data Science, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Leader with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is passionate about creating actionable insights through data. He has set up, incubated and grown Data Science practice in Products and Resources domain in his previous organization. He has worked with C level Fortune 500 clients in Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics and Natural Language Processing. He has built products and platforms to accelerate solutions in this space. His latest focus is using Deep Learning techniques to business problems. He has 15+ certifications in this domain.​ He has deep experience in global delivery management, global customer relationships and consulting across Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer goods, Banking, and Healthcare domains.

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