Image Recognition in python from starting using matplotlib, numpy

Anshul Gupta (~anshul217)


We use a lot of devices in our daily routine which do image recognition to simplify our work, for example, accessing our phone, laptops, home security system using our retina scan or face. The talk will focus on the importance of image recognition and how python, matplotlib, numpy can be used to achieve image recognition. We will also do a demo of image recognition using python and helper libraries.


Basic knowledge of python, matplotlib, numpy

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  • Introduction to image recognition process
  • Understanding Pixel Arrays
  • Generating Graph of pixel arrays using matplotlib
  • Threshold Function
  • Threshold Function logic
  • Saving Data
  • Testing

5 - 10 min Introduction and Discussion on image recognition.

10-20 min Image recognition using python, with code walk-through and discussions on result obtained.

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Anshul Gupta is python professional with relative work experience of 4 years. He is currently working with Innovaccer. He has expertise in python, Django, Django Rest framework, Kappa, making lambdas in python, server less deployment of Django project using kappa on AWS lambda. He has also given workshops in colleges and trainings in python, Django to professionals and students.

He has also conducted research in audio recognition using python, which got published in IEEE during his BTECH. He has completed his BTECH from Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology Guna in 2015.

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