Image Processing using Jython

Hemant Rakesh (~hemant56)


Almost all of us have used Java atleast once in our lives, may it be in college or work. But since, python has surpassed java for many application like - Machine learning or Hacking, most of us have stopped or use java less frequently for our day-to-day programming activities. Java, still known for Strings programming, Threading operations and most importantly it's use for developing Graphic User Interfaces, still stands a chance in the race.

Well this may be a hard choice to make for developer who want the best of both languages, especially the threading libraries in Java and the easy but powerful syntax of python. Not anymore. The programming+scripting language popularly known as Jython is here, or rather, has been around for quite a long time now.

For a brief introduction to Jython - It is an implementation of Python programming designed to run on the Java platform. The implementation was formerly known as JPython until 1999.


The Talk

The talk will be focused on the basic understanding of the syntax of Jython on the most well-known Java application which support multi-language support : ImageJ. ImageJ - a software popularly known for dynamic use in the image processing field has made life simpler for many image processing enthusiasts. I will be presenting selected projects done by me using Jython on images.

As the saying the popular saying goes- "Talk is cheap, Show me the code", I would also like to add that the talk will also contain a hands-on demonstation using Jython for basic image processing operation such as Thresholding, Segmentation,etc.. on medical images


Fundamental functionalities of Java and Python. Knowledge of basic Java and Python libraries

ImageJ software has to be installed.

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A very brief outline of the talk is :

Brief outline of Image processing using Jython

Speaker Info:

Hemant Rakesh a final year CSE student at NMIT, Bangalore; has keen interests in deep learning and is a reinforcement learning enthusiast. With prior experience in this field he loves to share his skills and knowledge to the community as he believes - " together we grow ". He also heads the machine learning club at nmit and has authored quite a few AI based blogs on Medium.

Hemant is also a research intern currently working on projects with Biomedical Engineering(10^-6 - 10^9) and Electronic System, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has a rich experience in computer vision, deep learning, reinforcement learning, neural computing and medical imaging and EEG based computation. Also, he has experience in building software tools in python for Image and neural analysis.

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