Image Captioning using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural NetworK

Gourav Roy (~gourav31)


Image Captioning refers to the process of generating a textual description from an image – based on the objects and actions in the image. [HTML_REMOVED]
1 What does an Image Captioning Problem entail?[HTML_REMOVED]
2 Methodology to Solve the Task - includes data-preprocessing and details about how CNN and RNN will be used as an encoder and decoder [HTML_REMOVED]
3 Walkthrough of Implementation[HTML_REMOVED]
4 Conclusion: Where to go next - Will be telling about how to improve the code to get greater results.[HTML_REMOVED]
5 Sharing resources.


1.Basic Knowledge of Linear Programming[HTML_REMOVED]
2.Good Knowledge of python[HTML_REMOVED]
3.Basics of Convolutional Network and Recurrent Neural Network[HTML_REMOVED]

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I am a Data Science Enthusiast and studying in third year in BITS Pilani Goa Campus .

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