How to Start Contributing to Open Source?

Piotr Gaczkowski (~piotr)


Getting started in Open Source can be intimidating. How do you find your first project? What does a valuable contribution look like? How do you collaborate and stay positive in an online environment? Can you earn money via Open Source projects?

I will share my experiences and lessons learned over 12 years and many OS contributions. No matter your level of technical experience, you can expand your opportunities and learn everything you need to get started.

Contributing to Open Source can open your career in IT even if you haven't done anything technical in your life. It can also help you switch career. If you decided your current job as a COBOL developer is no longer satisfying, you can use Open Source project to improve and acknowledge your skills in other technologies.

There are other reasons why contributing to Open Source can be good for you including personal branding or monetary compensation. Come and learn more, everyone can contribute!

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Music and automation enthusiast. Focused on efficiency and effectiveness. Experienced in management, programming, and DevOps. Enjoys building simple solutions to human problems. Writes occasionally at Speaks of himself in the third person when required. Never without headphones around. Rarely without sunglasses.

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