How to Double your Productivity as a Developer

Karthikeyan Vk (~karthikeyan76)


As a Developer, Productivity is always our primary concern. How much ever good developer we are, we know we can do better. You have come across some developers who are crazily productive, we envy them and want to be to like them.

Good news is being productive is a learnable skill. You can become productive by following simple steps that can make you productive within a week.

In this talk, we will look into the following.

  1. Being Aware.
  2. Building Will Power.
  3. How to build rituals & why we need them.
  4. How to use procrastination to become more productive.
  5. 55-10-55-30 Rule
  6. Schedule your distraction
  7. How to make your success and productivity inevitable.


Notepad and pen are mandatory to take notes.

Speaker Info:

Karthikeyan VK, loves to talk about new technology in meetups and writes blogs on the last challenge he faced. He is passionate about learning new technology to solve business and developer challenges.

Runs a Azure meetup group. For details visit

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