Hack Free Online Tools to Automatically Build Your Linux OS with Meilix Scripts

Tarun Kumar (~meets2tarun)


Problem Statement

  • There are lots of Linux users and everyone customizes their OS with their specific use case. Customization is possible after installing the OS and in case the system fails to start, they need to install and do everything from sketch again.
  • And suppose a case where you need to conduct a workshop for around 100 peoples and want to configure 100 systems with the same configuration. Will you go to each one system and do the configuration?
  • Or you want to build your Linux based operating system with some desired configuration for your specific use case.

Who is this talk for?

  • Anyone who has worked on Linux System
  • Anyone who loves to customize his/her operating system.


  • We created a custom lightweight distribution, Meilix and a generator web app that allows you to preconfigure an ISO with the wallpaper and desktop settings in place.
  • We took the most common approach to a project which gives a GUI to customize our own Linux Distro with LXQt as a desktop environment.
  • Using Flask framework to design a basic webapp named Meilix-Generator for the user to go there and provide their configuration and build their distro. We deploy the webapp on Heroku.
  • I will explain what steps we take to make internet access more inclusive and exciting for everyone and what steps we undertake to add conversational interface features.


  • After the talk, people would be able to generate their own customized operating system based on Linux just from the webapp.
  • Hundreds of system can be at once run with same type of configuration.


Working on the computer in everyday life.

Speaker Info:

Tarun Kumar is a final year electrical undergraduate student at IIT Patna. He used to do electronics related stuff and a little coding. He wants to integrate electrical stuff with codes to perform tasks to make life a little easier. He also wants the things to be open source so that everyone can contribute to making it better.

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