Faster Python apps with open source APM

Aravind Putrevu (~aravind34)


Slow applications are no fun. But what can we do to improve this situation? What techniques/tools exist to solve this problem?

Application performance monitoring (APM) makes tracking down application problems much easier. This talk explains the concept of Application Performance Monitoring and efficient debugging of apps using open source technology. We will take a example app in Django and let the audience access the application. Collect live data and show the various aspects of performance monitoring.

Application Performance Management (APM) server and Python client is fully open source so you can get started with any app. The project is maintained by Elastic which is also creator of open source projects like Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash.


Experience building apps in Python.

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Aravind is a Developer and works at He has seven years of experience in working on Distributed Systems, Web Applications. He is a polyglot and has interest in Machine Learning, Security. In his free time, he plays around with RasPi.

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