Extending Python with C/ C ++

Vishnu Kiran (~vishnu25)


This primary objective of this talk is to highlight how one can leverage the power of python to import code written in C/ C++, Java or any compiled language as an extension module in Python. Here we will be exploring Cython, the methodology behind creating extension modules, various caveats involved in process and few other details that can make a devs life easier whilst dealing with extension modules.

The talk will be centered around the following items:

  • Introduction and Overview of Cython
  • Pre Requisites for writing Extensions
  • Creating our First Extension in C
  • Extension File structure and intricacies.
  • Building and Installing Extensions in your project.
  • Few Issues that you might run into.
  • A few gotchas and Debugging.
  • Examples from a few other compiled languages.
  • Conclusion.


This talk is labeled as an intermediate to advanced talk, the required prerequisites are:

Some prior knowledge in python. Some experience in C or C ++ can also come in handy. Although we will still go through the details required to keep attendees without these prerequisites engaged.

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This is still a work in progress should be done by 20 Aug 2018

Speaker Info:

  • I am a Principal Engineer at NextOrbit
  • A Technical Architect at CodeMatrix.
  • Distributed Systems Nut.
  • If anyone has an interesting .vimrc file I am curious.

Speaker Links:

  • Speaker Pycon 2018: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Speaker at a few locally organized meetups.
  • Teach programming as a volunteer whenever I can because I like it.

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