Egoless Programming -- the philosophy of better code

Piotr Gaczkowski (~piotr)


Flaws in the code not only come from impossible schedules. They are often results of ego. Ego issues can damage both the codebase and the team developing it. We’ll see how studying philosophy helps us tame our egos and how software tools enable this purpose.

During my career in software development, I observed that many companies struggle with development even though they have great talent on board. What’s more, sometimes the struggle was even greater in those teams that had more and better talent.

After some consideration, I noticed that many root causes fall into the same category: ego issues. Good news: there are ways to mitigate them!

In this talk I would like to cover:

  • how ego can lead to unusable APIs,

  • who owns the code and who should be considered it’s author,

  • what philosophy teaches us about ego,

  • are formal processes helping or hindering our efforts,

  • how DevOps makes it easier to drop the ego,

  • what tools can we use to write better code.

Speaker Info:

Music and automation enthusiast. Focused on efficiency and effectiveness. Experienced in management, programming, and DevOps. Enjoys building simple solutions to human problems. Writes occasionally at Speaks of himself in the third person when required. Never without headphones around. Rarely without sunglasses.

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