Discussion on Building and Running Communities

Satyaakam Goswami (~satyaakam)


We had a similar discussion in the past PyCon India 2015 , we have grown many times since we last spoke about this topic openly , i propose the format of the disucssion as follows

There will be a panel discussion with representatives from all the existing Python users groups or any FOSS groups. Where in we will discuss what makes these users group tick .

This i hope will be nice learning and sharing lessons to all the people present and who wants to start there own groups.

i have ​started jotting points here which will be the flow as well as the content of the discussion ​

What i need

  1.Place for  10 people to sit on dias.

  2. Place to accomodate around 50 people as audience

  3. Projector

  4. Internet access for all

  5. Sound system with plenty of handy mics

  6. Some volunteers to run the mic's around


come with Open mind to share and ask questions.

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