Deployments with Terraform and Ansible



Talk about deploying a simple application on cloud platform using Ansible and Terraform together. These tools allow us to provision cloud resources and to set up your servers with whatever software is needed.

When we can create ec2 instances, RDS and S3 bucket in just a few clicks, why would we require a provisioning tool?

Even though terraform and ansible has a learning time and consumes time for first-time users, it can benefits teams to tremendously, some of the points are mentioned below: - Save time and be more productive - Eliminate repetitive tasks - Fewer mistakes & errors


Terraform allows us to define infrastructure as code (IaC) and deploy it repeatably with the same end result. The application infrastructure is defined in code by defining needed components like compute instances, storage buckets, networks, load-balancers, firewalls, etc. Terraform will then take this blueprint and plan how to reach the desired state defined in the code. This also allows TerraForm to do incremental changes by comparing the defined (changed) state with the deployed (current) state and execute only the needed changes. We simply create a file (or multiple files) with the .tf extension and defining all the components we need. We can choose to split the files up by the components they defined (network, compute, Ansible, etc.).


Ansible is an open-source, IT automation engine that executes repetitive system administration tasks such as provisioning and deployment.


  • What is terraform?
  • What is Ansible?
  • Why Terraform?
  • Deploy a basic application using Terraform and Ansible on AWS.
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Relevant Audience

Developers who want to deploy an application to AWS by only making use of code.


Basic idea of Amazon web services and Ansible

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I have around 3 years of python programming experience and worked primarily on Django.

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