Demystifying ML from beginner to advance

Vaibhav Mishra (~imvaibhavm)


This is going to be complete ML based session where the audience will be given a basic introduction of ML with interactive session based on Q&A to understand the audience and then with respect to the same fundamentals ,operations and basics with a bit of history to add up twist plot will be shared.A basic idea of not only understanding but how to begin with ML as a career and course will be told but how to give a proper approach to gain knowledge and build applications and projects will be shared. A collective research based materials and proper sources will be shared to start learning with hands on session of a single library of same will be done to understand the approach and coding in same.Ending with a quiz to make the session interesting will be done and sharing some world wide applications of the same.


laptop,Internet connection,pre installed IDE for python .

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This is Vaibhav Mishra , a final year CSE student at Chennai with keen interest in data sciences and ML enthusiast .With prior experience in this field I love to share my skills and knowledge to the community because iI believe in together we grow.Being a part of GCDC Chennai and an active member for Gdg i have lot of enthusiasm when it comes down to ML.With sufficient yet learning experience in this field I love to share and help people.

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