Coupling Django and React using Django rest Framework

Bharat Saraswat (~bhansa)


In this talk, I'll describe about an idea of using django backend with react frontend to create a small web application. React is very popular library because of its modularity and the scalability at the same time. Using django as a backend for react application opens a new door for web developers.

This talk will cover:

  • Creating django models and exposing them to react frontend.
  • Using Django rest framework.
  • Proxying DRF stream for react components.
  • Creating a final application using Django, DRF and React.


Basic knowledge of django, python and react.

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Hi, I am Bharat Saraswat, working as a web developer at Deloitte. I have experience in creating and maintaining websites using AEM(Adobe Experience Manager), angular and react. I have also worked on couple of projects using python which includes Django web apps and data analysis.

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