Config management 2.0

Senthil Velu Sundaram (~senthil13)


The whole DevOps movement is about no separate Dev and Ops teams. But with using heavy config management tools, we’re once again on the same place just that we’ve replaced bash scripts with yamls and central store. For a startup, this approach does not suit. We’ve taken a different approach and find it fruitful. In this talk, we will share our journey and why our approach could be useful to you. We will demo cloudlift which is the tool born out of this idea and implemented in Python

Outline of the talk

  1. The context. Understanding the tech landscape of Simpl.
  2. Typical DevOps codebase & dissecting to understand the problem
  3. Approach to the solution each layer can be replaced and glued
  4. Demo & details
  5. Learnings & FAQs


  1. Understanding DevOps from perspectives beyond Infra as code
  2. How to empower developers to manage their services beyond code
  3. Seeing cloudlift in action


  • Exposure to DevOps tools
  • Exposure to any cloud platform
  • Containers

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I’ve been a developer & devops person with experience of above 14 years. Started with bash moved on as the industry moved on to Chef, Puppet and Ansible. Worked on DevOps for various domains and sizes of projects. Passionate about Dev + Ops as single org and not two. I lead the engineering at Simpl for more than two years and worked at ThoughtWorks before this.

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