Building Serverless Python Web Servicess/Microservices with Zappa

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Hi, I have 9+ years of experience in Python and Python-based framework and working as a software architect. Last July, Also I am an Author of the book with the title "Building Serverless Python Web Services with Zappa" which published all over the world in association with Packt Publication.

My objective is to showcase the practice of making python microservices as a serverless with a single line of command, It would be really helpful for Python developers who want to deploy their application just in time with a different set of deployment environments. I would cover the session with a little with hands-on which will be very enjoyable by the audience.

To justify, I would say, with my process of deploying the serverless application would eliminate the need for traditional tools like Apache, Nginx and other tools. Also, I would demonstrate setting a cron job without using any third party tools. Being serverless makes a huge difference in terms of DevOps cost, maintenance and scalability.

I hope, I would get an opportunity to represent this topic to the Python world.

Thanks & Regards, Abdulwahid Barguzar


Basic understanding of the traditional deployment for Python frameworks.

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Abdulwahid Barguzar is a Software Architect and an active contributor in the open source community. He has developed a deep understanding of architecting software product development through Python web frameworks and JavaScript frameworks. He is passionate about implementing and mastering new technologies. In his free time, he researches innovative approaches to rapidly developing and designing a software product and automation testing, aiming to become a master Software Architect.

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Hi, Abdulwahid! Thanks for submitting your proposal.
We have put together a set of best practices for proposals - please take a look.
The description of your talk doesn't give specific details of your presentation.
While your idea seems genuinely interesting, I insist you to update the description.
Also, a brief outline, and a 2-minute video would be appreciated.
In case of any queries, you can ping us up on Gitter.

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