Building GraphQL API with Django



GraphQL , a data query and manipulation language for apis, was initially developed by Facebook to replace their REST apis. Since the time it was open-sourced, GraphQL has gained popularity and has been used with many popular languages. The talk aims to introduce the features of graphql, comparing it with REST and how it can be used with Python Django to develop easily maintainable and flexible apis.

Content of the talk:

  • GraphQL - The Background.
  • How GraphQL apis are different from REST apis.
  • Defining schema & types in GraphQL.
  • Queries, Mutations , Resolver Functions.
  • Walkthrough of building apis with GraphQL & Django with a use case- This will cover the how's of building apis using graphene-django. The different ways to query the graphQL apis and use mutations by the client will be covered using the web based IDE graphiQL.


Basics of Web development.

Speaker Info:

Anitha , having worked with legacy systems (mainframes) previously, started exploring & working with Python a couple of years back. Being part of the engineering team of MadstreetDen, She has been involved in building web apps/micro-services using Python.

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