Building Conversational Experiences using an Assistant

Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan (~lakshya40)


The Google Assistant is a conversational agent that works across Google products as well as third parties. It is a conversation between you and Google that help you get things done throughout your day - at home or on the go. Learn about the various stages of processing involved typical lifecycle of a conversation with the Google Assistant - Speech to Text, NLU, Dialog flow control, Natural Language Generation etc. Actions on Google lets developers extend the Assistant to implement their own Conversation Actions. Learn how you can build your own conversational experience into the Google Assistant using Actions on Google and DialogFlow; from designing a conversation, creating a DialogFlow agent, to implementing a backend integration using a Client Library for Actions on Google development with Firebase Cloud Functions.


Lot of enthusiasm to learn and try new things once they go back home.

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Lakshya manages the Women Techmakers program in India which provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. She is a data science enthusiast, building technical expertise in Machine Learning, Google Assistant and Cloud Platform. She is passionate about technology and wants more women becoming tech experts in the Indian Developer Ecosystem. Prior to this, she has been a Data Scientist at Cerner and a Software Engineer at GE Healthcare. She believes in learning technologies, listening to people and leading from the front. On the personal side, she enjoys networking with people, playing sports and public speaking.

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