Building Conversational AI assistants with state-of-the-art in NLP

Malar Saravanan (~malar07)


  • Building Conversational AI assistant using an open source framework which is developed in python.
  • Enriching the Natural Language Unit component for bot's knowledge base using the pre-trained context based embeddings like BERT, GPT and XLNet which has already pushed the boundaries in NLP.
  • A comparative study on finding the well-suited NLU model for bot's knowledge and design strategy for building the chatbots that are suitable for different use-cases.
  • Visualize and analyse conversational AI models.


  • Basics of python
  • Understanding the use cases and terminologies of chatbot development
  • Basics of machine learning

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Consultant with wide expertise in the development of machine learning models and conversational AI which empowers advanced NLP techniques.

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