Building Analytical Web Apps with Dash (without the knowledge of Flask / JS)



Data Science often ends with Communication and that Communication involves Data Visualization. Even though we have started building interactive visualization it often goes into Slides as a Screenshot, losing the key interactivity. In this talk, we'll see how to build Analytical Web Apps with Dash (by Plotly). It can carry the essence of interactivity and hosted anywhere. The key part of Dash is that a Data scientist who doesn't know Web Development tools like Flask / JS can build Web App just with Python and a little bit of HTML knowledge.


  • Intermediate Knowledge of Python for Data Visualization

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Abdul Majed is an Analytics Consultant helping Organizations make sense some out of the massive - often not knowing what to do - data. Always amazed by Open Source and its contributors and trying to be one of them.

Organizer @ Bengaluru R user Group (BRUG) Organizer

Contributed to Open source by publishing packages on CRAN and PyPi

Writer @ Towards Data Science and DataScience+

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