Building a blockstack application in python

Mithun Madhusoodanan (~mithun)


BlockStack is a new network for decentralized applications. Blockstack aims to address the centralization at the application-layer of the internet. It combines DNS functionality with public key infrastructure and is primarily meant to be used by new blockchain applications. Blockstack provides an authentication system and a storage layer separating the storage from the bitcoin thus reducing the cost of placing data attached to the authenticated id or the applications build on top of it.

  • What is blockstack
  • Blockstack id based login
  • File upload to blockstack storage(Gaia)


Basic understanding of Python and JS

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Mithun Madhusoodanan is working as Software Consultant on various projects by Ayruz Datamarketing. He's been programming since 10 and has develops web applications with python, go and javascript. He has experience conducting workshops for students of undergraduate degree at various colleges in Kerala. He likes to scribble with new technologies for fun and profit

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