Build and deploy Python web apps with Microsoft Azure





This talk will serve as a kickstarter to build and deploy Python apps in the cloud, with a range of apps and data services offered by Microsoft Azure.

Demonstration on how to run your Python code on Azure Web Apps for Containers—a Linux-based, managed application platform will be done.

Working with Azure Cosmos-DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL as a service on the Azure platform will be demonstrated.

Introduction to building and training your Python models with Azure Machine Learning and tapping into intelligent APIs for vision, speech, language, knowledge and search, with a few lines of code will be delivered.

At the end of this talk, the attendees will have an idea on the Azure platform and how to work on Python with Azure Cloud as the backbone.


Knowledge on AI, ML and Computer Vision. Python programming.

Speaker Info:

Rahul is a system builder who tweaks computer parts and observes their outcomes. He has authored multiple papers which have been published in international journals. His areas of interest include augmented reality, IoT and computer organisation.

He is a second year engineering student at Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology with IT as his major.

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hello Rahul,

Thanks for submitting the proposal.
Please take a look at the best practices document - where we've listed out our expectations in detail.

One point that might work against your proposal is its so focused on Azure - it looks almost promotional. You can perhaps generalize it by including other popular cloud providers like AWS/GCP. Or is there a specific reason you chose to cover Azure alone ?

Abhishek Yadav (~zerothabhishek)

Noted, will amend as mentioned.


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