Browserium - A module that reduces browser configuration and selenium code for test automations

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Browserium is the selenium wrapper for all browsers and browser configurations. This module is a single endpoint to access for chrome, safari, opera, and firefox browser drivers along with the installation of your selenium module. This module helps the developer reduce lines of code for browser driver configurations and helps maintain better codebase and improve the reusable code. The wrapper that gives the additional advantage for development are as follows: [HTML_REMOVED] 1. One step to download the required browser drivers. [HTML_REMOVED] 2. One step to update the required browser drivers. [HTML_REMOVED] 3. Create a single instance for your required browser object. No more code required to configure your browsers separately. [HTML_REMOVED] 4. A set of browser related generic functions that can be utilized for debugging as well as for achieving the required functionalities and reduce efforts.[HTML_REMOVED] 5. You can run browsers Chrome and Firefox using custom configurations by passing the configurations as a list of objects. The module should automatically handle all custom configurations.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] There are two ways in which you can use Browserium.[HTML_REMOVED] 1. Download the required browser driver, create an instance for the specific browser driver class. [HTML_REMOVED] 2. Download the required browser driver, create an instance for the specific browser driver class, create an instance for the browser controller class and use the generic functions to get started with your framework.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] For more information, you can look into here for more information.


Basic knowledge of how Selenium works and intermediate knowledge of how python works.

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Soumyajit is 4+ years experienced Software professional with his prime focus on the automation technologies based on quality development and takes interests in the DevOps processes. He provides help in developing the QA process in an organization with his skills in automation for the web platform. His focus is on improving the delivery process for an ongoing project and connects the dot to help out with a successful deployment. He has experience in working on analytics, e-commerce, and ad-tech domain.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] Besides being a professional he takes an immense interest in learning new skills and technologies. He is a research guide author/writer at Dzone and Web Code Geeks. He also maintains a blog platform of his own where he likes to keep up his technology junks.

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