Bridging the Language gap : A Tale of Python & Javascript

Shuvam Manna (~shuvam)




There are people who love python. Then there are people who love Javascript.

Python is the language that powers a lot of utilities and has emerged as one of the leading languages for tasks as intensive as Machine Learning to being fluent enough for novices to learn. Javascript, on the other hand, has come a long way from just making webpages interactive to be the most versatile language ever. The question remains, while one is a Braces-enabled language the other is no-braces, while one ignores your spaces and tabs whilst in the other, every indent matters, how can we convert them across to one another OR use them in the same program block without interrupting the flow. This talk would explore how we can interchangeably use Python and Javascript, translate the languages back and forth, or how we embed code of one language into the other to take the best advantage of both of them.

Motivation :

One of my first jobs in my first Internship was to convert a piece of Python code to Javascript. 6 hours and 2 glasses of water later, an 84-line Python code became a 150+ line strong Javascript juggernaut. Something we can correct course on.

Key takeaways :

  • Learn about the key syntactical differences between languages.
  • How to respect Language grammar/regulations while converting the code.
  • Different approaches to mix and match Javascript and Python.

Content :

  • Overview of Python and Javascript [7 min].
  • How Javascript Works [4 min].
  • How Python Works [3 min].
  • The History of converting languages [4 min].
  • The trends in compiling different languages to a common High-level language [2 min].
  • Ensuring the absence of conflicts between languages [2 min].
  • Converting code with Jiphy [10 min].
  • Prerequisites to use Jiphy.
  • Formatting code to ensure a clean output (How Jiphy works).
  • Pros & Cons of Jiphy.
  • Looking at other Approaches [8 min].
  • Embedding native Python code in Javascript.
  • An overview of Pie.js.
  • Q&A.


A basic understanding of Python and Javascript.

Content URLs:

  • The Jiphy API by Timothy Crosley.
  • Pie.js demo and Slide Deck coming up soon (Working on this).

Speaker Info:

A Web and Voice UI Developer, I have always been intrigued by Design, of visual as well as functional elements. I kicked off my journey in Computer Science after getting my first computer in the 9th grade. 2 years later - I built a virtual browser-based Operating System. A keen member of the Developer communities, I have been building Conversations and Chatbots ever since was launched. I'm an active speaker at Google Developers Group Kolkata talking often about Web & Voice Interfaces, including at GDG DevFest18 Kolkata, Elastic Kolkata Community, Facebook Developer Circle, the Neo4j community, and also go gaga over the Marvel universe (*not MCU), Star Wars, and Naruto.

I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

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Section: Web development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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