Automate your Data Exploration with STARK (Data Mining)



Meet Stark! He is a smart and intuitive Data Exploration library who is designed to help a data scientist to explore any structured dataset.

Why should you meet Stark?

Stark can Manage Sophisticated Imputations Techniques and Can tell you which imputation would be optimal for a given dataset. Stark can infer every columns (features) datatype and he would suggest the most appropriate datatype and can help you applying the suggested datatype. Stark can perform driverless exploratory data analysis which is absolutely splendid, which is why he is absolute data exploration partner to work with!.

Apart from his awesome data exploration skills he can also:

  1. Help in Feature Selection
  2. Has a bunch of handy functions which are very helpful through out the machine learning prototyping.

Stark can create a data science environment which is very sophisticated and is designed for making the lives of data scientists easier.

His modules are highly customisable and intuitive his skills are increasing on a rapid rate.

On top of all these features he would greet you with a warm welcome when said hello! The greeting goes something like

                        ♠️  Welcome Mr.Stark  ♠️


We will be discussing how stark can be helpful in conducting sophisticated data exploration.


Good to Have

Knowledge of Data Science Life Cycle Intermediate Python

Awesome to Have

Data Scientists and Aspirants looking to conduct more robust Data Exploration.

Speaker Info:

Sundaresan is a Data Scientist from Altimetrik. He loves to have fun with data science ! and Yes, he is a big fan of Stark !

He some how figured out a way to combine his love for Data Science, Python and Stark together with this amazing data exploration library.

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