A World of Emacs and Python

Shakthi Kannan (~shakthi)


GNU Emacs is a very popular text editor written in C and Emacs Lisp. It can be run on different platforms, and is easily customizable and extensible to the users' needs. It has wonderful support for doing Python development, and a number of packages are available to help boost programmer's productivity. I would like to demonstrate the same with numerous examples, including using Org-mode for doing DevOps work.

An outline is as follows:

  • Editing features

  • Interactive mode

  • Literate DevOps

  • Testing

  • Documentation



Speaker Info:

Shakthi Kannan has been using GNU Emacs for decades, and is an avid promoter of Free/Libre and Open Source Software. He is also Free Software enthusiast who plays a Senior DevOps Engineer role at Aerospike, Bengaluru. He blogs at shakthimaan.com, and holds a Masters degree in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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