A Credential Management Tool using Google Cloud KMS and Datastore

Rajesh Hegde (~rajesh82)


Software systems often need access to some shared credential. For example, your web application needs access to a database password or an API key for some third-party service.

Google CredStash is a very simple, easy to use credential management and distribution system that uses Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) for key storage, and Datastore for credential storage.



  • python
  • pip
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • Google Cloud KMS
  • Google Datastore

Content URLs:

  • https://cloud.google.com/kms/
  • https://cloud.google.com/datastore/

Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dDvbYqJoEcK-n3KVGsOBnc0wymVM_TjOEP0_ZiJouxc/edit?usp=sharing


  1. Introduction
  2. What problem does it solve?
  3. Existing solutions
  4. Why write this?
  5. How did it help?
  6. A brief introduction to Google KMS
  7. A brief introduction to Google Datastore
  8. The architecture of the proposed solution (will add a slide for this)
  9. Limitation and future

Speaker Info:

Experienced across e-commerce, media publishing, personal finance, web analytics, digital advertising domains and acquiring knowledge on machine learning models and Deep Net techniques. A Technology Evangelist and a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer.

Speaker Links:

  • https://rajeshhegde.com/
  • https://github.com/RajeshHegde/gcredstash
  • https://medium.com/@rajeshhegde
  • https://stackoverflow.com/users/2571060/rajesh-hegde

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