39 Most Useful Python Modules to Secure Your High Paying Job in 2020

aniruddha chaudhari (~aniruddha93)


One of the best things about Python is their library support.

Python libraries are so powerful. And that gives Python edge over most of its other competitive programming languages.

In this talk, you will learn most useful Python libraries and how you can secure your high paying jobs in 2020.

ToC: Most useful Python Libraries in Different Fields:

Artificial Intelligence
    Machine Learning
    General AI
    Neural Networking
    Natural Language and Text Processing
Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Science
Computer Networking & Cyber Security
Web Development


Basic Python Knowledge

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Here is my complete Python tutorial -


Speaker Info:

Myself Aniruddha Chaudhari, founder of [CSEstack.org][1], author of this complete Python online course. I completed my master of Computer Science from NIT Trichy.

I have given Python training to many of the communities.

Right now in Bangalore, working as system developer in one of the research lab. I enjoying my journey being a Python developer and write Python code almost every day.

I'm also working on Watson AI assisted chatbot for open BMC. ( http://anicv.com/ask-bmc/ )

Speaker Links:

Personal Blog- https://www.csestack.org/

Here is my complete Python tutorial available online- https://www.csestack.org/python/

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