ZProc - Process on steroids

Dev Aggarwal (~devxpy)




My talk is related to my work on ZProc, a library for doing multiprocessing in python

Its provides a high-level wrapper over zeroMQ, the distributed messaging library.

I will provide a basic introduction to the ways we can natively implement concurrency/parallelism in our applications and how ZProc is a better way to do multi-tasking.


  • A good knowledge of basic python.

  • Some knowledge about the python Process/Thread interface is appreciated

  • If you ever had your hands on the zguide, I have a hunch you'll like this.

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I'm 19 year old python programmer, picked up python when I was around 15.

My adventures with multi-tasking applications started when I was 17, trying to build a concurrent youtube downloader.

I am since, trying to find ways to make writing concurrent, multi-core applications simpler in python.

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