XGBoost - Tree based ensembling technique using Python

ina jain (~ina)




  • Introduction to ensembling techniques
  • About XGBoost
  • Parameters and their tuning
  • Application using python
  • Latest updates


Basic knowledge of python and machine learning

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Ina Jain is currently working as a Data Scientist in Pramati technologies and has 6+ years of industry experience.

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Section: Data science
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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XGBoost - Tree based ensembling technique using Python

-Introduction to ensembling techniques - What are the different ensembling techniques and why are they used?

-About XGBoost - Introduction to XGBoost and its working. Comparison with other Boosting techniques.

-Parameters and their tuning - Hyperparameters of XGBoost and their tuning.

-Application using python - An example showing its usage.

-Latest updates in the field of XGBoost

Ina Jain (~ina04)

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