Writing Faster Python : Optimizing your code

Manish Devgan (~gabru-md)





In this talk, I would be telling people how to write better and faster Python. I've been developing Python programs, scripts and softwares for over 2 years now and I come across people who have a problem of Python being slow. Whenever someone has to write a faster python code they are left with one option of just shifting their entire code from Python to C or C++. This talk will clear that misconception.

People can actually write faster codes in Python, the only missing fact is how?. And this is exactly why I am interested to give this talk.

Contents of the talk

  • The talk will start with a basic introduction of myself as a Python developer. ~ 2 mins
  • I will then talk about the misconception about shifting the code to C or C++. ~5 mins
  • Then I will proceed onto some basic usage of Python Programming Language. ~2-3 mins
  • Introduction to optimization techniques in Python. ~ 2-3 mins
  • Then I will talk about when and why should one optimize their application. ~5mins
  • I will introduce the basic concepts of optimization in Python. ~2-3 mins
  • Tell people about the available/built-in functions that can come in handy. ~ 2 mins
  • Then I will proceed onto giving a demonstration on 'Writing better functions'. ~7-8 mins
  • The talk will conclude with some examples of optimized code that performs better than conventional approaches. ~ 5 mins
  • The talk will be open to questions, to make it more interactive and fun.

Total time : 30-35 mins

The slides will be shared to the audience after the talk.


  • Basic Python
  • Will to learn

See, It does not require much!

Content URLs:

  • I'll be sharing the slides after my talk as a Github repository

Speaker Info:

My name is Manish Devgan. I am a second year Information Technology student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi.

I am an Open Source Contributor and a learner. I have contributed to various different open source projects and won many hackathons.

I was FOSSASIA Codeheat 2017 - Grand Prize Winner and Google Code-In 2017- Mentor. Currently I am a GSoC 2018 Student under FOSSASIA and RGSoC 2018 - Coach.

I have contributed to Python's ChatterBot Machine Learning Engine, variety of FOSSASIA's Projects, and a wide variety of OSS projects like Github Linguist etc.

Python is my favourite programming language. From writing small scripts to building small Machine Learning libraries, I've tried a lot :)

Speaker Links:

  • https://github.com/gabru-md
  • https://twitter.com/gabru_md
  • https://facebook.com/gabrumd
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabru-md/

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